Code Of Honor


We WILL NEVER leave a teammate behind or in need!

We WILL Attend All Meetings & Always Fight For the Front!

We WILL know there is no IF!

We WILL give no excuses JUST RESULTS!

We WILL take personal responsibility!

We WILL always be positive!

We WILL NEVER cancel or blow off a field training appointment!

We WILL be on time ALWAYS ( by on time we mean 30 minutes before the meeting).

We WILL NEVER be afraid to ask for help or to CALL someone to accountability.

We WILL NEVER hold a grudge for being called out – it is done to HELP us HELP the team

We WILL NEVER call someone out publicly or out of anger or spite, we recognize it is only valuable if it is done with respect and pure motives

We WILL NEVER let fear hold us down or keep us from action!

We WILL celebrate all team victories!

We WILL Master the Business Format System!

We WILL ALWAYS Read Our Goals Twice Daily!

Everybody Recruits! Everybody Sells! NOBODY QUITS!

Commit to Professional Development!

The training that you will receive as a WFG associate will come from a variety of sources: BPM’s, One-on-One’s, In the Field, Web Sites, Books, and not the least of which-Just Doing!

Each BPM (Business Presentation Meeting) on (check upcoming event tab) is a crucial step in the training, development and growth of your business.

Not only will you rub shoulders with the best and brightest but you will also have a solid and secure office environment in which to bring your guests and clients.

The education and edification you will give, as well as receive, at these meetings is instrumental in your path to SUCCESS as a WFG agent.

Getting organized is also very important for your success, so please purchase a 1 ½” binder, with an 8 tab divider to keep all your documents in one place.